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Spirit Week Shenanigans-Teachers Are People Too

My sister and I were a big hit in the spirit week costume festivities dressed as our former selves - two students at Chalmette High School. In addition to raising moral, the interactions suggest a reminder to the world and to ourselves that teachers are people too and need all the TLC other people need too.

market of clay pots

We are performing art teachers. We teach kids how to build costumes out of the normal clothes they have in their closets. We coach character development and how a person can become someone new solely by how they walk or speak. As a result, of course, we had to get involved when our school hosted its annual dress up days for our spirit week!

"Mrs. Cassar!" "Yes?" we said in unison. "You look like one of the kids!"

Of course, Owl Week, as it is called, was great fun for us as students and is great fun for us as teachers. And as touched on above, we tie it into not only school spirit but curricular development as well. But that is another post.

Dressing up like the people or kids we serve everyday is a reminder that teachers are people and even more than that, teachers were once kids.

Teachers are people too

Whenever I see a student at the grocery store, they are always astonished that I could be in the exact same place they are after school hours. The quote is almost always the same, no matter which one of us it is. "Mrs. Cassar, what are you doing here?" To which I always reply, "Well I know it may come as a shocker to you, but I actually eat too."

They usually laugh and we exchange pleasantries to have a nice night and see you tomorrow. The big take away to remember is that teachers are people too. Parents, students, administrators, and most of all teachers, we must all remember that behind the everyday heroic character we play every day is a person who needs all the things other people need. Rest, love, kindness and a whole long list of other things. Today remember to make time for you in addition to all the grading, planning, counseling, teaching, sponsoring ... and costume planning.

Teachers were once kids too

Also remember that you were once a kid too, and you may not be just like the kids you teach, but you were some kind of kid, and even in all your childhood perfection, somebody cut you some slack, held you to high expectations and loved you exactly where you were. Let's be that person to the kids we encounter today. Let's be the kind of teachers who walk not only a mile, but a marathon in their shoes.

Let's be the kind of teachers who walk not only a mile, but a marathon in their shoes.
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My name is Annelise, and I am an arts educator right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have the pleasure to be a part of an incredible family of educator artists, and day by day, we share that sense of family and unity with the students we teach. I invite you to join with me and my sister as we share our journey as two sisters with a passion for creating art opportunities for the next generation.

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