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Arts Strong with Annelise and Kristen

Annelise hosted a special Arts Strong college edition with Dr. Kristen Bauer Marchiafava. Below find links to the Arts Strong conversation and a one on one sit-down with Dr. Marchiafava about the journey from high school to college.

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Arts Strong Conversation

Join in the conversation with Annelise Cassar Tedesco and Kristen Bauer Marchiafava as high school students sit down and ask their questions about preparing for and auditioning for college in this special college edition of Arts Strong.

                                         ...coming soon


Arts Strong Masterclass 

Learn from Arts Strong guest artist Dr. Marchiafava as she coaches high school students in vocal technique for audition and recital performance.

                                         ...coming soon

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Vocal Warm-ups 

Sing along with Dr. Marchiafava and the live audience from CHS Voices in this sneak peak from the Arts Strong Masterclass.

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