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The voice teaching the voices is Louisiana Teacher of the Year

Annelise Cassar Tedesco hits the High Notes:

As the state’s number one teacher, she gets a Mercedes for the year. She’s driven, all right.

Driven by the success of every student in her class.

Photo Credit: Chris Granger

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Photo Credit: Jamey Firnberg

State's new top teacher, Annelise Cassar Tedesco of Chalmette High, says arts help build overall success

"I am convinced that part of my success as an adult is a result of the opportunities I had as a child,” she said.

“I strive to empower them to know that where they live now is a stepping stone to get them where they want to be tomorrow.”

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Photo Credit: Chris Granger

Chalmette High Cultural Arts Center rose after Katrina to teach music, dance, drama

With the CCAC thriving for 12 years now with nine staff members certified in their specific disciplines, as well as being performers in their own right, it’s become a bit of a family affair. Not only did Cassar's daughter, Annelise Cassar Tedesco, the music director, just become Louisiana’s Teacher of the Year, but another daughter, Arianna Cassar Cruice, is the center’s artistic director, responsible for every production’s overall look, whether it’s "Anything Goes" with its 53-foot boat on the stage, or the costuming behind "Guys and Dolls."

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Louisiana 'Teacher of the Year' creates perfect harmony

One St. Bernard Parish teacher, recognized as the top educator in Louisiana, said she's ready because the show must go on.

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Sunday Journal: A song in her heart, meet Louisiana's 'Teacher of the Year'

An instructor with a love for music and for teaching was honored by Dream Teachers and the Louisiana Department of Education during the 2021 Teacher of the Year celebration.

Photo Credit: Joni Lacey

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Louisiana Department of Education: Award Recipients Announced for 2022

Annelise Cassar Tedesco
2022 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year

Photo Credit: Raymar Photography


Composite Credit: Spencer Kiper

Annelise's inspiring message featured among Semi-Finalists on the First Lady of Louisiana's blog

“The pandemic has reminded us that each of us has so much material in our own lives from which to create art. I look forward to cultivating a culture of artistic expression and creation from within each student’s own journey. This encouragement combined with a continued study of rigorous academic, artistic material will foster the growth of students and the empowerment of their voices.”

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