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Getting caught on video is hard to do when moving a mile a minute, but here are a few quick videos to see the Cassar family in action

Annelise on her "Greatest Achievement as an Educator"

As part of the finalist journey for Louisiana's 2022 Teacher of the Year, Annelise discusses her greatest achievement as an educator in less than 30 seconds

The Cassar Family and The Performing Arts Academy featured on Go Louisiana

Approaching the 20-year anniversary of The Performing Arts Academy, Go Louisiana celebrates the positive impact of The Performing Arts Academy in creating a multi-generational community of artists that goes beyond school walls.

Annelise Cassar Tedesco on the importance of Elevating Student Voice and Opportunity

As an advocate for arts education and a teacher committed to teaching resiliency, strength and forward motion in the midst of trials, Annelise stands on the legacy of her family of educators and elevates student voices and opportunity.

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