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Artists with Artistic Hobbies

I have long time been an advocate for the idea that professional artists need additional artistic hobbies. It challenges the creative side of our brains to grow and fuels positivity for art.

Who is that bright eyed brunette at 9:00 am on Sunday morning?! Why it's me! I have the privilege to sing at Trinity Church every Sunday morning. For me it is spiritual fulfillment, professional development and professional collaboration and joy producing.

"Annelise, I had no idea you liked to cook!"

The other part of this picture is that I love to make culinary artistic creations. I am a professional musician and educator, but I just love to cook. It is one of my hobbies that gives me great joy when I have time to participate. Here you can see some photos from Arianna's baby shower. The Cassar Creative Team (including the pregnant director herself) participated in putting together the event and really creating the artistic vision for how the day would be conceived, no pun intended :)

Pictured at the top left you can see the happy parents to be with our father Charles and our mother Pam, the founders of our creative enterprises. It was wonderful to collaborate with them on this project of designing unique hot air balloons, constructing shower favors, and my favorite, baking and decorating the cake.

"It was a beautiful collaboration of creativity for one of the best reasons to celebrate!"

And it was an event that we were blessed to celebrate as COVID numbers were falling, people were getting vaccinated and it was the first time that many of our friends and family were able to be together again.


Cassar, Annelise 19-20.jpg

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My name is Annelise, and I am an arts educator right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have the pleasure to be a part of an incredible family of educator artists, and day by day, we share that sense of family and unity with the students we teach. I invite you to join with me and my sister as we share our journey as two sisters with a passion for creating art opportunities for the next generation.

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