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Alumni Accolades: Tayla Succeeds in LSU Chorale Auditions

CHS Voices graduate of the class of 2021 earns a place in the LSU Chorale

LSU Freshman Tayla Anderson has not had it the easiest, but she would never let you know. Her smile and her heart tell a story of victory, regardless of the challenges.

Tayla Anderson

CHS Class of 2021

LSU Class of 2025

You will be an asset wherever you go, and CHS will not be the same without you!

Tayla studied at Chalmette High School for four years where she studied rigorous academics in the TOPS University curriculum. She also performed with the CHS Voices Concert Choir and Varsity Chorale in numerous concert and musical theatre performances. She represents her peers and teachers so well in all avenues in which she participates.

We are proud to claim her as an owl and are excited that she is already succeeding as an LSU tiger!

Stay tuned for information about future opportunities where you can see Tayla and many other current students and alumni of CHS Voices and The Performing Arts Academy sharing their time and talents.


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